Sports fans often have odd requests when it comes to what they ask athletes to sign, and Jets quarterback Sam Darnold was met with a predicament with his latest autograph request. 

At training camp, a fan asked the 22-year-old to sign their speeding ticket, but Darnold was not exactly sure if he should comply. 

"I didn't know if I should sign it or not," Darnold told reporters, via SNY TV, as reporters laughed. "I wasn't sure what to do. He told me sign it. I'm sure if I got in trouble for it or whatever, they could sign it off, but I don't know."

A reporter told the QB that the parking ticket was for $95 and wondered if he would be paying it for the fan but Darnold said, "I didn't give him my card or anything, so I'm alright." 

The Jets responded to the tweet saying "awesome," but also advising them to drive safe. 

The fan couldn't have been to upset about the ticket. He seemed more concerned with meeting Darnold.

The fan, who clearly has yet to pay the fine, may be able to use the autograph to get his ticket appealed, unless of course the officer is not a Jets fan. Set at an $85 payment, the ticket was for going 64 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Darnold said this signature request was the most unique one of his young career so far.