One of the biggest storylines during the NFL offseason has been the status of quarterback Aaron Rodgers with the Green Bay Packers. Now, star wide receiver Davante Adams revealed that if Rodgers were to leave Green Bay, it could "potentially" affect his status with the team.

"Obviously, I'd love to continue to play with him," Adams recently told CBS Sports. "We've had a lot of success together and we've been able to accomplish a lot as a team. But mainly, I'm focused on controlling what I can control and that's doing everything I can to be ready for the season."

During Tuesday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson weighed in on Adams' comments and doesn't believe that the Packers will keep Rodgers just to appease Adams.

"The Packers' feeling about Davante Adams has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Aaron Rodgers is his guy," Samson said. "They're not going to keep Aaron Rodgers because of Davante Adams. They're not going to keep Davante Adams because of Aaron Rodgers. They're not going to pay Davante Adams more if Aaron Rodgers is gone. They're not going to get him for less if Rodgers stays."

Samson simply doesn't expect much to change in regards to Adams and his contract even if Rodgers is no longer on the team.