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Sam Darnold met with the media as a member of the Carolina Panthers and the former New York Jets quarterback made comments on how his ending with his old team went down. Darnold said he had a difficult time and said that the way the Jets handled things was driving him "insane." As a planner, he said he found it very hard not knowing where he would be and that impacted how he was feeling.

David Samson reacted to these comments on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson," saying his views on player's opinions in this area has changed over time.

"The old David Samson would have given zero bleeps if a player said that," he said, but now he realizes how important a player's mental well-being is as well.

Samson said as the president of the Miami Marlins he didn't give a second thought into asking a player to immediately relocate. Now he realizes it is better to be understanding and as open as possible with players.

"I didn't even think about that stuff when I was younger. Didn't think about it, didn't care," the podcast host admits.

"You can take care of a player's mental health while also making good business decisions," Samson says.

This concept goes beyond sports however, with Samson adding, "For Sam Darnold to succeed, for anybody to succeed, as their boss your job is to put people in the best position for them to succeed in the way they know how to succeed."

That looks different for each player he says and it's on the bosses to know their employees, or teams to know their players, and figure out what they need and when.