San Diego moving companies unite, refuse to help Chargers relocate

The Chargers' offseason involves moving from San Diego to Los Angeles, which doesn't sound like that hectic of a moving process considering the two cities are only 120 or so miles apart. Unfortunately for the Chargers, it might end up being a bit more complicated than it sounds.

That's because San Diego moving companies have banded together against the Chargers. More than 25 companies are refusing to help the team move north.

A list of companies that have vowed to refuse to help the Chargers move.

As someone who grew up in Seattle when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City, I gotta say: This is awesome -- even if the Chargers will undoubtedly find someone to move their stuff because they, like all football teams, have tons of money to offer. Still, I'm onboard with San Diego showing its discontent with the Chargers' move.

The rebellion began almost immediately after the Chargers announced their plans to relocate last week. AsThe San Diego Union-Tribune detailed, 12 companies joined the resistance Friday via That list has grown significantly since Friday, as you can see in the photo above.

"We just wanted to show one last bit of loyalty to the San Diego Chargers before it's really the Los Angeles Chargers," Ryan Charles, vice president of marketing at HireAHelper, told The Union-Tribune.

If San Diego wants to make the Chargers truly suffer, it should recruit P.F. Changs to join in on the fun by refusing to serve them.

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