Santonio Holmes: If NYC media 'wants to be part of the team ... write positive things'

Holems wants the media to play ball. Or else? (Getty Images)

Remember that whole thing about a quieter, gentler Jets team this season? Santonio Holmes -- shockingly -- didn't get the memo, apparently.

Holmes already ripped the idea of a two-quarterback system (despite the Jets clearly planning to utilize both Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow) and now he's putting the New York media on notice, telling's Dave Dameshek and Adam Rank that if the New York media wants "to be part of the team," then they better "be there to support" the Jets.

"That's what sells in the New York media is how much negative attention we can bring to these players and just keep running with it. When things aren't going good it makes our ratings go up," Holmes said. "But it doesn't help our team. If you guys -- and this is for the New York media -- if you guys want to be a part of our team and feel so important, be there to support us. Not to try to break us down."

The temptation here was to simply hold down the question mark button on my keyboard for about 15 minutes and then hit publish, because there's no other way to accurately express how I feel that Holmes called out the New York media for not being positive enough towards the Jets. Has he seen the Jets? Has he heard his coach? Does he not get how this works? Why would he think the media is on his team? Does he think he can convince the New York media to be nice?

"There's not one day we step into the locker room and try to break each other down, that we talk bad about the way that person played. Because it effects the team the way one person play if they don't play to perfection," Holme said. "So if the New York media wants to be a part of our team and wants to continue writing about us, write positive things. Stay away from the negative. Because it doesn't do anything good for our team that you want to report all the negative things that happened and that's what you want to talk to us players about. Because we live for one thing and that's to play football, not to entertain you people in the media."

I think I get, to a degree, what Holmes is trying to do here. But how he fails to see the hypocrisy here is beyond me. You don't get to say whatever you want to the media and expect them not to report it.

All it takes is a quick stroll through the Santonio Holmes tag -- both here and in our archive -- and you can see that the train derails pretty quickly with stories about Holmes attitude in the locker room and quotes from him to the media that don't come off as a guy trying to avoid bad publicity.

The Jets are the brash, bold, title-less team in New York. The media loves them. Readers click on stories about the Jets and call them idiots. Of course, the ultimate irony is that this is happening RIGHT NOW ... because of something ridiculous that Holmes said to someone in the media.

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