Seahawks' Chris Clemons: Gay player coming out would be 'selfish act'

Seahawks DE Chris Clemons thinks a gay NFL player coming out would be a 'selfish act.' (USATSI)

Former Cleveland Browns linebacker Scott Fujita thinks the NFL is ready for an openly gay player and Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks a player coming out will happen in the very near future. 

But, as one can imagine, not all NFL players are on board with having an openly gay player and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons is one of them. To be clear, Clemons said he has no problem with a gay player, he just thinks a player coming out while in the NFL would be a 'selfish act' because the player would be trying to make himself bigger than the team. 

Clemons started a conversation about a gay player coming out on Twitter with the following tweet:

As you'll read in his followup tweets below, Clemons wonders why a gay player wouldn't just come out in high school or college where there would be considerably less media coverage and public scrutiny:

Clemons was then asked if he was against a gay player coming out or just against a gay player waiting until he's in the NFL to come out: 

One of Clemons' followers then said that they weren't liking Clemons' tweets on a gay NFL player coming out and that locker rooms need to get over their homophobia. Here's what Clemons responded with: 

Clemons can't be the only player in the league that doesn't think a gay player should come out, which makes Fujita's recent comments to's Mike Freeman more interesting. "I honestly think the players of the NFL have been ready for an openly gay player for quite some time now," Fujita said. "Trust me, the coming out of a player would create much bigger waves outside the locker room than inside."

Based on what he tweeted, Clemons seems receptive to playing with an openly gay player as long as that player comes out before they reach the NFL. However, if any players share Clemons' opinion, then an NFL player coming out could make equally big waves in and out of the locker room. 

Clemons is rehabbing a surgically repaired ACL. The veteran defensive end suffered the tear in the Seahawks Wild Card playoff win over the Redskins.  

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