Seahawks defense claim Peyton Manning was telegraphing plays

Richard Sherman says he and the Seahawks called Peyton Manning's plays.
Richard Sherman says he and the Seahawks called Peyton Manning's plays. (USATSI)

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All night long the Seahawks swarmed on the Broncos. Every time Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker or Eric Decker caught a ball from Peyton Manning -- most of them on crossing routes -- they quickly got popped. And the Seahawks defenders talked plenty about how hard they hit the Broncos players, but they also believe it helped that Manning was telegraphing his plays. 

Richard Sherman, speaking to Robert Klemko of, said the Seahawks played Manning straight up but also "jumped some routes." 

"All we did was play situational football," Sherman said. "We knew what route concepts they liked on different downs, so we jumped all the routes. Then we figured out the hand signals for a few of the route audibles in the first half."

And then, according to Klemko, Sherman "demonstrate[s] the signs Manning used for various routes" and claimed he and his teammates were predicting the plays Manning used during the game and nailing them.

"Me, Earl [Thomas], Kam [Chancellor] ... we’re not just three All-Pro players. We’re three All-Pro minds," Sherman said. "Now, if Peyton had thrown in some double moves, if he had gone out of character, we could’ve been exposed."

Hindsight is a funny thing, but it's a lot easier to talk that kind of talk when you put the whipping on someone that the Seahawks put on the Broncos. 

Sherman and the Seattle defense allowed the Broncos just 122 yards after catch on 34 receptions (a puny 3.6 YAC on each reception), which means they did indeed swarm to every throw Manning made. 

That doesn't even take into account the fact that the Seahawks led 29-0 after the first play of the third quarter. Things could've been even uglier had Seattle not been up so big. 

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