The Seahawks were able to pull out a Thursday night win over the Green Bay Packers, 27-24, but not everyone is thrilled with how the game played out. The Seahawks' offensive line struggled at times, picking up four false starts (plus one more that wasn't on the offensive line) and giving up three sacks, all by Kyler Fackrell. However, according to center Justin Britt, it's not entirely on them. Britt said that Packers were simulating snap counts up front, baiting the offensive line.

"I don't think it's legal what they were doing, but it's neither here nor there. We won. They lost," Britt said, via Pro Football Talk.

Left tackle Duane Brown added:

Their defense was moving around quite a bit and making calls during our cadence and guys just kind of got a little anxious. So we just had to focus, just calm down a little bit and that's what happened. It was tough at the beginning of the game because it's tough to ask guys to not do that the way it was happening. It wasn't as easy as not moving. In the middle of the cadence, guys are barking out calls and guys can't hear and they think it's (quarterback Russell Wilson). It was tough but we found a way to overcome it.  

The way that the Seahawks overcame it was by going to a silent snap count -- in their own stadium. Britt had other grievances about what was going on in the trenches.

"...I feel like the NFL and the referees should do a better job when it comes to hands to the face," he said. "They put an emphasis on it but they never call it. I think they need to review that and start calling those. I think they need to start calling holding on the teams we're playing, the offensive line that we're playing. I feel like we try to be technique-oriented up front and dominate in that way but I feel like other teams you just see them holding all the time. You saw a bunch today. We got a win. We're going to start a streak, but those are a couple thoughts on my head."

Seattle has had 11 holds called this season, one below the league average. As for hands to the face, Britt said that's par for the course for the Packers.

"You name a number any week and they probably do it," Britt said, per PFT. "There was quite a few times it happened tonight. I'm not going to complain more than this. I really don't care but someone has to say it."

Despite Britt's totally not mad online tone, it's got to be frustrating for an offensive line to go to a silent count at home. The Seahawks pulled off the win, which is ultimately what matters. Their playoff hopes are still alive, and four of their remaining six games are at home. Now, it's just a matter of locking down the clink down the stretch. As for the Packers, expect officials to keep an extra eye up front in the wake of Britt's comments.

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