The NFL handed out a lot of fines in the aftermath of Sunday's Seahawks-Jaguars game, but one person who didn't get punished was Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett

The melee between the two teams started when Bennett appeared to take a shot at the knees of Jaguars center Brandon Linder with just under a minute left to play in Jacksonville's 30-24 win. 

Jaguars players thought Bennett took a cheap shot, which led to chaos on the field. After the dust settled on the play, Bennett had been penalized for unnecessary roughness and teammate Sheldon Richardson had been ejected for brawling. One play later, Seahawks defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson was also ejected after getting flagged for unnecessary roughness. 

Jefferson made headlines this week because he was the Seahawks player who attempted to fight several Jaguars fans by jumping up into the stands

As for Bennett, it appears that he didn't get fined or suspended because the NFL bought Pete Carroll's explanation that he was trying to swipe at the ball to force a fumble since the Jaguars were in victory formation. 

"Let me say one thing I'll say about it -- what Mike was doing was trying to swipe the ball as it was getting snapped," Carroll said this week, via USA Today. "That's something he has tried before, that's why he was way down there on the ground like that, he's trying to time it up and hit it, trying to force a fumble to try to get the ball back."

Carroll defended Bennett's actions, but he didn't defend what his team did after that. 

"[Bennett] winds up under the whole pile of stuff and the stuff that happened after that was wrong," Carroll said. 

Although Bennett avoided punishment from the league, Carroll didn't. The Seahawks coach was one of seven players or coaches from the game who got hit with a fine. 

Here's a look at the fine total, via

  • Pete Carroll: $10,000 fine for improperly entering the playing field
  • Quinton Jefferson: $9,115 for unnecessary roughness
  • Sheldon Richardson: $9,115 for unnecessary roughness
  • Germain Ifedi: $24,309 for verbal abuse of a ref
  • Leonard Fournette: $12,154 for unsportsmanlike conduct

On top of that, Jaguars assistant coaches Pat Flaherty and Keenan McCardell were fined $10,000 each for improperly entering the playing field. In total, that's $84,693 in fines from the game, and Bennett won't have to pay a penny of it. 

One other group that also got punished were the four fans in Jacksonville who decided to throw things at Jefferson. According to USA Today, all four fans have been permanently banned from EverBank Field.