Seahawks player doesn't know about racial slurs but he did hear this from Jaguars fan

Quinton Jefferson almost ended up in the stands fighting Jaguars fans Sunday, moments after he was ejected for unnecessary roughness.

Jefferson said Monday that he temporarily lost his mind because "folks in the stands was throwing beer and throwing soda."

After suspending two players for Week 14, the NFL chose not to suspend Jefferson, who Wednesday was still being asked about what happened in the waning moments at EverBank Field.

"It's unfortunate," he said, via Pro Football Talk. "Wish it didn't get that far, wish it didn't happen but once it happened we've got to learn from it and ultimately we've got to move on from it."

Pro Football Talk reports that Seahawks defensive end Jarran Reed tweeted after the game (Reed's tweets are protected) that Jefferson was the target of racial slurs as he left the field. And while Jefferson wasn't sure about the slurs, he was quite certain he heard something else.

"I honestly don't know," Jefferson said. "There was a lot of people saying a lot of stuff so I really didn't tune into anything in particular. There was really only one thing I tuned into in particular. Somebody said they was going to have sex with my mother. That's the only thing I really can really remember.

"There was so much yelling and stuff I couldn't make out anything what people were saying except for that one thing. That stuck. I heard that."

Jefferson says he's watched the incident in the days since it happened and admits "it was a little hard" to do, adding, "It was a little worse because I've got kids. My kids seen it. My wife seen it. She was upset about it and everything. I felt even more for them because they had to watch that stuff."

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