Seahawks pump in Phish song, fans chant 'Wilson' Thursday

Trey Anastasio rocked a Russell Wilson t-shirt during Phish's concert Friday. (
Trey Anastasio got his Wilson wish on Thursday. (

Russell Wilson is neither an evil king nor from Gamehendge, but he's become pretty closely associated with the band Phish thanks to Trey Anastasio asking Seahawks fans to chant "WIL-SON" whenever the quarterback is introduced. (Trey also rocked a 'Hawks shirt during a recent live show.) And to the delight of phootball phans everywhere, the crowd did just that during Thursday's fourth preseason game.

But it wasn't just the crowd yelling "WIIIIIL-SON" when Russell took the field. If you go back and listen to the broadcast version you can actually hear the Seahawks pumping in the thumping double E-notes to alert the crowd it was time to cheer for their favorite cult hero/quarterback.

It's pretty surreal that this, you know, actually happened. Perhaps there's a segment of the population that doesn't care -- and there's almost certainly a large segment that doesn't get any of this -- but the connection between Phish's jam-band crowd and Seahawks fans seems to be pretty strong.

So it won't be surprising if this is a thing for the entire season. It's subtle, it throws a nod to the band's efforts at conjoining the two worlds and fans seem to enjoy it.

At the very least, it's the biggest sports crossover we'll see with Phish until someone renames their franchise the Llamas.

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