Seahawks punter will fight you if you talk crap about Seahawks kicker

Jon Ryan clearly has Steven Hauschka's back. (USATSI)
Jon Ryan clearly has Steven Hauschka's back. (USATSI)

The Seahawks played an almost perfect game in their 35-6 win over Arizona on Sunday night, but it wasn't a perfect game, Seattle did struggle with one thing: Kicking field goals.

Kicker Steven Hauschka went 0 for 3 against the Cardinals, which prompted some people on Twitter to complain about the Seahawks' usually reliable kicker. 

The player who holds for Hauschka, punter Jon Ryan, did not take kindly to the insults. 

If you do decide to meet Ryan near the swing set at recess, you better bring some friends because it sounds like he'll have some with him.

As for Ryan's point that Hauschka is one of the best kickers in the game, he's mostly right. Going into the Arizona game, Hauschka was 29 of 32 on the season and was one of only six kickers in the NFL who was making over 90 percent of his field goals.

As a matter of fact, before Sunday, Hauschka had never missed multiple field goals in a game in his Seahawks career. Oh and it's probably also worth noting that all of Hauschka's misses against the Cardinals were from long range (52, 50, 47). 

If you're still mad at Hauschka though, feel free to meet Ryan at the swing set. Personally, I'll be nowhere near the swing set. Ryan is not a small man. 

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