Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has never had a receiver like tight end Jimmy Graham on his side of the ball, per The Seattle Times.

Wilson is already building a relationship with the 6-foot-7 Graham in order to find the perfect spots to throw him the ball. So far in organized team activities, the perfect spot has been anywhere.

“Throwing to him is easy,” Wilson said.

Graham, one of the premier targets at tight end, knows it will take a lot of repetition for him and Wilson to eventually get on the same page, but doesn't doubt that the duo will put up big numbers this season.

“That stuff takes time,” Graham said, “but honestly me and Russ have been on kind of this accelerated learning curve. He just gets it up and gives you an opportunity to be great. We’ll be keep working on that, and we’ll be just fine come the season, because that’s a big thing. That’s all about the connection, that’s all about knowing what each other is going to do and what each other likes.”

The Seahawks ranked 20th in the league last year in redzone efficiency, one thing that Graham's size and Wilson's decision-making will dramatically improve.

“That may be one of the biggest things, just the size we have down there when things start to get tight,” offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said.

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