Seahawks' Richard Sherman reportedly fined for unflagged hit on Bills kicker

One of Week 9's major NFL stories has taken another turn. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman has been fined upwards of $9,000 for his hit on Buffalo Bills kicker Dan Carpenter during the Seahawks' "Monday Night Football" victory, per several reports.

The hit occurred near the end of the first half, when Sherman attempted to block a field goal. Sherman, who was offside on the play, dove and hit Carpenter across the knees while reaching back with his hand to block the football.

The play was not whistled dead until after Sherman hit Carpenter, at which time Sherman was flagged for offside but not for unnecessary roughness, as head of officiating Dean Blandino opined that he should have been.

After the game, Sherman was asked about the play by Lisa Salters.

"I went to block the kick. I'm not going to let him make a kick," Sherman explained. "When they called offsides, I'm not going to let him have a free play. That's not how I play. So I played until the whistle's blown."

After Salters informed him that Bills players and coaches felt it was a dirty hit, Sherman replied, "I went straight for the ball. I didn't go for the kicker. I slid for the ball. He should have not kicked it. Maybe he wanted to. I went for the ball. That's where I went. So if the ball gets tipped on the play, the rule is if it's tipped there's no flag."

After seeing the hit, Carpenter's wife, Kaela, tweeted the following message (it has since been deleted):

"I know what we do on the farm when a male can't control his own rage. #LuckyImNotThere #Sherman #ActLikeAnAnimalGetTreatedLike1"

The tweet also included a picture of a bander, which is a tool used to castrate animals.

Sherman, in his weekly press conference, responded to Kaela Carpenter's tweet.

"It's not surprising at all," he said, via "This is a day and age, you've got the Ku Klux Klan running around. People say whatever they want, and there's very little consequence. For her to say something like that and then have a BS apology like she did, it's just the way of the world. I don't let it bother me. It's something I'm very used to. It's just the way people are, the way people were raised."

Carpenter's "BS apology" Sherman referred to was as follows:

"My attempt at humor during a heated and highly controversial NFL game has not been received the way I intended. When I saw the out of control nature of the events that happened on the field, I jokingly wanted to relate it to life on the farm, where I grew up, and how it would have been handled there.

"Unfortunately, I did not realize that a tone of racism would dominate the response to what I intended to be a lighthearted defense of my husband. Regardless of the narrative that has been attached to my post, it was never intended to be related to race, or the disgusting hatred that creates the basis for racism."

Sherman has always been outspoken about social issues, particularly those involving race and/or the way the NFL metes out punishments. It was no surprise that he had a lot to say about this situation.

In any event, while Sherman was not penalized for the hit on the field, he will have to do so with his wallet.

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