Brett Favre played for two decades, and Peyton Manning had an 18-year NFL career. Tom Brady, who turns 40 on August 3, is entering his 18th NFL season. And George Blanda left the game in 1975 after a career that spanned 26 seasons, which is still a league record.

Russell Wilson has six seasons under his belt and his plan is to play another 19. That's right: His goal is to have an NFL career that lasts a quarter-century.

"I want to play 25 years," Wilson told's Sheil Kapadia recently -- three different times, in fact, during a 15-minute conversation.

Wilson isn't just talking in the abstract; he has a plan. The Seahawks quarterback hired Decker Davis as his full-time trainer. And we stress "full time."

"This is my sole focus -- all with him and also with Ciara [Wilson's wife]," Davis explained. "She had her baby, so we'll be doing some circuit type of training. So I'm full time for them, for the family."

Wilson added: "He travels with me everywhere I go. We go everywhere together. He's super detailed. We can go in any situation, any scenario, any location and find something to do. We're constantly doing that."

Wilson decided late last season that he needed to change the way he prepared; he was hampered by leg injuries in 2016, which contributed to a career lows in rushing yards (259), passer rating (92.6), touchdowns (21), and a career-high 11 interceptions. Wilson has also noticed that Brady, who seems to get better with age, is obsessive about his diet and workout regimen.

"Uh, yeah, I pay attention," Wilson admitted. "I'll say that. I pay attention. Something that I've observed and seen. He's a great example of longevity. He's a great example of being able to be mobile -- a different mobility, but you know what I mean. Being able to seem like he's just getting better. That's what I always want to be. That's my focus."

Brady is a pocket passer -- and has been his entire life -- so, unlike Wilson, he takes fewer hits in the open field. He's also the beneficiary of a very good offensive line, something Wilson can't say. Under the best circumstances, a franchise quarterback can play 12-15 seasons. It's hard to fathom anyone in today's game -- even Brady, who claims he wants to play into his mid-40s -- lasting 25 years.