Seahawks' Tyler Lockett, D.J. Fluker perfectly spoof Russell Wilson's weird contract announcement video

If you thought Russell Wilson's method of announcing his new contract with the Seahawks was strange, you weren't alone. It certainly seems like some of his teammates found the video equally weird. 

Late Monday night a.k.a. early Tuesday morning, Wilson and the Seahawks agreed to a new contract just around the time of the deadline that Wilson set at the beginning of the month. Instead of simply firing off a written tweet or waiting until the morning to address the news, Wilson decided to film a video of himself lying in bed with his wife, Ciara. 

"Hey, Seattle," Wilson says in the video, "we got a deal."

"Go Hawks," Ciara says. 

"Go Hawks," Wilson agrees. "But I'm gonna see y'all in the morning. Time for y'all to go to bed."

"Finally we can go to sleep," Ciara says as they both laugh. 

"See ya'll in the morning," Wilson concludes.

It was weird: Wilson, shirtless, under the covers with his wife, wearing multiple chains, talking into a camera.

So weird that Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett and offensive lineman D.J. Fluker decided to troll Wilson by producing a spoof of the video, with Lockett playing the role of Wilson and Fluker playing the role of Ciara.

Synced up, the re-enactment is surprisingly almost flawless in its execution. 

More important than its near-perfect timing, the video seemingly confirms that while his teammates certainly understand how great of a quarterback Wilson is (one worth the money given to him in his new deal), they also likely understand that he's a bit of an odd character. This isn't exactly news, of course. 

At his press conference on Wednesday, Wilson revealed that the original announcement video was his idea. He also apparently sometimes sleeps with the chains that you can see in the video above.

Wilson might be a bit weird, but he's also a great quarterback who completely deserves all of the money the Seahawks just gave him. Since he entered the league in 2012, he's somehow never missed a game, and he ranks eighth in passing yards, seventh in touchdown passes, second in rushing yards, and fourth in rushing touchdowns among all quarterbacks. Only Tom Brady has led his team to more wins in games he's started since 2012.

That's why it never made sense for the Seahawks to trade him or to let him walk in free agency. And that's why it's good news for the Seahawks that Wilson said on Wednesday he wants to finish his career with the Seahawks and that he hopes to play for another 10-15 years.

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