Sean 'Diddy' Combs really wants to buy the NFL, maybe

Diddy has dreams. And a cool fur coat. Getty

The NFL is a controversial entity right now, and Sean "Diddy" Combs sees it as an opportunity to strike while the iron (and the takes) are hot. He's making his move to seize the reigns of the entire operation.

The musician/producer didn't exactly make a formal offer to buy the NFL -- mainly because that's not a thing a single person can actually do -- but he did shout this into the void this week:

It's important to allow your life dreams to evolve, and it appears that Diddy's dreams have evolved from owning one NFL franchise to owning all 32 of them. That's how he envisions fixing the divisiveness sparked by the anthem protests that have swept the league this season.

It's a dream alright, one that's a little bit more lofty than a pipe dream. I like where Diddy's head is at in relation to being a free thinker, but him shouting at no one in particular about buying the entire NFL also reminded of Michael Scott attempting to declare bankruptcy in "The Office."

Unfortunately for Diddy, his net worth sits around $820 million while the average value of one NFL team is $2.5 billion. He's going to need to cash in big on a "Making The Band" revival or something before he can become the NFL's new supreme leader.

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