Any NFL fan, especially any Rams fan, has seen this one before. Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay gave people a peak at what happens on the sidelines and in the mind of a head coach when he broke down plays as they happened during his team's preseason game.

On Saturday, McVay put on the headset to show off his skills and give commentary during the game against the Dallas Cowboys

It is no secret that McVay has a lot of knowledge on the game. The 33-year-old has shown how much promise he has in the NFL, taking his young team to the Super Bowl last season and impressing along the way. As the youngest coach in NFL history he had a lot to prove and has clearly done his homework.

Being able to see what one of the top coaches in the league sees and watch the game from his perspective was a treat for fans. McVay was originally just breaking down the defense, but was convinced by the broadcasters to stick around for some offense as well. 

Last year after he rattled off the scouting report for every starting player on the Chicago Bears defense people picked up on his skills and starting testing his knowledge to see just how much he remembered about each game. In one interview, he was given what quarter a play happened in, how much time was left and where on the field the play occurred and was asked to explain what happened. And of course, he nailed it. 

Many have said he has a photographic memory and addressed his insane ability to recall facts and players at the drop of a hat. He said in an interview with HBO last year. "I think that-- probably more accurate thing is, I just don't have any balance. So all I really have (laugh), you know, the only room I have in my brain is to-- these plays," McVay said.