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Odell Beckham Jr. is currently a receiver without a team, but the pass-catcher does know a good time when he sees it. The All-Pro channeled his inner Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and decided to make an impromptu appearance at a wedding over the weekend. However, it wasn't just any old wedding that Beckham decided to crash -- it was Rams head coach Sean McVay's. 

"I mean, I love Odell," the coach told the I Am Athlete podcast this week, via Pro Football Talk. "So only in Odell's fashion could he be the wedding crasher at our wedding. He showed up and crashed the wedding. I said, 'You crashed my wedding, you re-sign with the Rams then, man.' That's a given right there."

As McVay noted, Beckham's appearance at his wedding will fuel speculation that he'll re-sign with Los Angeles at some point this offseason. After forcing his way out of Cleveland in the midst of last year, the 29-year-old joined the Rams and instantly clicked within the offense. 

In eight regular-season games, Beckham caught 27 of his 48 targets from Matthew Stafford for 305 yards and five touchdowns. In the four playoff games that culminated with a victory in Super Bowl LVI, Beckham added 21 more receptions on 26 targets for 288 yards and two touchdowns. 

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Those postseason numbers could have been even more impressive had he not suffered a torn ACL during that Super Bowl matchup with the Bengals. However, McVay did note that Beckham -- who underwent surgery to repair his knee in late February -- looked "great" on the dance floor. He also reaffirmed how much he'd like it if Beckham found his way back to the Rams this offseason. 

"We would love to have Odell back," McVay said. "It's one of the reasons really why we ended up pursuing Allen Robinson the way we did. I thought it was such a big deal. We all know the year Cooper Kupp had. I love Van Jefferson. He's a really good player that's only going to continue to get better. But then when you bring Odell into the mix last year, I thought he did a great job of really when you've got two guys on opposite sides of the formation based on how they want to change the math on the back end, when you've got a guy in a lot of these three-by-ones that can come to life and be automatic for some of those backside isolations, I thought that's where Odell really allowed us to see how big a part of our offense that's got to be based on the landscape of the league and some of the ways people are trying to defend you.

"He was a baller. Want to try to be able to get him back. Would love to work with him every single day."

Now that Aaron Donald's record-breaking contract restructure is sorted out, now may be the time for Los Angeles to zero in on trying to make Beckham's return to the Rams a reality.