Sean Pamphilon claims he had right to publish Saints audio

Sean Pamphilon believes he did the right thing. (Getty Images)

The recent publication of audio containing a pregame speech by Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has stirred up quite the controversy. Sean Pamphilon, the filmmaker who put the audio on YouTube, drew the ire of the man he used to get access, Saints special teamer Steve Gleason.

Gleason says he never "authorized" Pamphilon to publish the audio, and the Saints reportedly believed it would never see the light of day either. But Pamphilon says now, via Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports, that he does have the right to publish any and all material he gathered from working with Gleason.

“We do have a production agreement that I followed," Pamphilon told Silver. "I can’t understand why Steve would think it’s in his best interest to prevent me from telling the truth about Gregg Williams."

According to Silver, the four-page production agreement "does not specifically prohibit either party from posting footage -- audio or video -- prior to completion of the film, which is still under production."

On Friday afternoon, Pamphilon also released a full statement on his website, detailing an agreement with Gleason on a third-party mediator who would decide the fate of the publication.

"It is true that from the beginning Steve and his wife were opposed to releasing this audio and I felt strongly that the public had a right to hear this material and judge for themselves," Pamphilon wrote in a statement on his website. "To this end we agreed upon a 3rd party, a person of high character who both Steve and I trust implicitly, to mediate and advise us on the final decision. When I received a call from this person saying to release the audio 'the sooner the better' I did just that."

Pamphilon also wrote that he has "financially gone out on a limb to document Steve and Michael Gleason's life" and that he believes that once completed, "there is no doubt this film would've been HUGE."

However, Pamphilon now believes he's "given up a sure thing" -- he also stated that he's made no financial gain from posting the audio on his website. (Though it's undeniable that he's received some publicity, whether or not he actually wanted it.) 

Pamphilon insinuates that he and Gleason will no longer be working together, but then later says he's "looking forward to getting back to the real story."

Whether or not that will involve Gleason remains to be seen.
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