Sean Payton explains why he wears Belichick-ian cutoff sweatshirt

Last Thursday night, coach Sean Payton was seen wearing a team hoodie with cutoff sleeves during the Saints-Panthers game. This is notable for one reason: That's Bill Belichick's get-up, the hobo chic look he's been sporting for years.

Payton was asked Wednesday about his new fashion choices and he explained that Belichick's genius is more than just Xs and Os.

“Here's the deal. I finally realized why (he does it),” Payton said, via the New Orleans Advocate's Nick Underhill. “They’re sized where the sleeves come up so the sleeves aren’t quite long enough and they start (bunching). I don’t have a problem emulating him or what they do.”

Sean Payton is now taking fashion pointers from Bill Belichick. (Getty Images)
Sean Payton is now taking fashion pointers from Bill Belichick. (Getty Images)

Payton didn't answer a question about whether he'll incorporate the cutoff sweatpants -- a Belichick practice staple -- into his wardrobe, though he did expound on rumors that 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh (whose team faces the Saints Sunday) could be gone after the season.

“Listen, I just know this, if you just look at the numbers, they speak for themselves,” Payton said. “He’s done an outstanding job -- and quickly, beginning in ’11. You’re looking at the winningest team in the NFC and second in the NFL. I can’t speak on behalf of him; I just know the respect we have for what he’s done and their program. It’s been obviously significant.”

Of course, Harbaugh has his own signature look: $8 pleated khakis.

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