Sean Payton told his butcher who questioned two-point attempt to 'worry about your frickin' meat'

The New Orleans Saints made an interesting decision to go for a two-point conversion after a Jared Cook touchdown in the first quarter of Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Cook was hit in the head on a 26-yard touchdown pass from Drew Brees and with the Saints being able to attempt the conversion on the one-yard line, head coach Sean Payton elected to go for two.

Unfortunately for the Saints, Taysom Hill took the handoff on the conversion attempt and was swallowed up by the 49ers defense. With the play call not being his greatest moment, Payton drew some criticism, even from some unlikely sources. His butcher at Whole Foods even had something to say about it.

"I certainly understand the fans asking questions," Payton said during his weekly radio show on WWL in New Orleans. "I got the guy at frickin' Whole Foods asking me about the 2-point play. I looked at him, the guy in the meat section, and I said, 'Hey your steaks don't look too good right now. Worry about your frickin' meat.'"

Payton detailed the encounter, which took place on Sunday night following the Saints' 48-46 loss to the 49ers.

"I didn't feel like kicking a touchback, thought about kicking an onside kick," Payton said. "So on the 1-yard line, I think we're gonna get two points. And then we get the defense misaligned, obviously it doesn't have any success. And then the game ends and, 'Why were you going for two?' Because I wanted to. We were on the 1-yard line."

The NFL now allows personal foul penalties to be assessed on two-point conversion attempts in addition to the kickoff, depending on what the team wants to do. Payton thought it became a much higher percentage that the Saints would convert the two-point attempt from only a yard out.

"You know, on Sunday after a game I'm going to pick up some food for dinner, I really don't want to hear about a 2-point playcall," Payton added. "Anyway, it just got under my skin. I circled my cart back around and kind of called him out. I was kind of sliding down the aisle, got the produce right here to the left, you see the meats, I made a right and I'm heading for the coffee.

"I thought they were all kind of in jest, and I heard one of them say something about, 'Why'd you go for two?' I kept walking toward the dairy and I'm like, 'Ah, I'm not letting this go, I'm turning around.'

To the credit of the Whole Foods questioners, Payton did specify that they sounded more curious than mad at him.

"I went back and he was fine, it wasn't negative, he just wanted to know," the coach said. "And I explained it to him. I would never [usually go for two] that early. But when we get a penalty, now we're on the 1-yard line and we're 50% closer. He got it. Then I gave him a hard time and said, 'Some of these cuts don't look good to me.' That was what happened. It was in jest. We were having a little fun."

It wasn't the only time that Payton elected to go for a two-point conversion and came away empty-handed.

The Saints took the lead in the final minute of Sunday's game after Brees found Tre'Quan Smith for a touchdown. Following Smith making his way into the end zone, Payton elected to attempt a two-point conversion to make it a three-point game.

However, Brees tried to find Smith again on the two-point conversion attempt and the pass wasn't even close.

Payton clearly wasn't in a great mood following a tough loss and didn't take kindly to the criticism, regardless of who it was coming from.

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