Game Recap

The Chargers were able to grind out a solid win over Seattle on Sunday, winning 25-17.

The Chargers's offense came in ready to rumble, picking up 19 points in the first half. Seattle countered with 10 points, leaving the score at 19-10 going into the half. The Chargers were outperformed in the second half 6-7 but had enough points saved up to walk away with the win.

The Chargers's success was spearheaded by the efforts of Melvin Gordon, who rushed for 113 yards and 1 touchdown on 16 carries, and Philip Rivers, who passed for 228 yards and 2 touchdowns. That makes it eight straight good games in a row from Rivers. The Chargers defense stepped up as well to lay out the quarterback four times.

The victory (their fifth in a row) raised the Chargers's record to 6-2. The loss dropped Seattle back to even at 4-4.

The Chargers will be staying on the road next week, facing off against Oakland. The Chargers don't have the home-field advantage, but they do enjoy a 9.5-point advantage in the spread. As for Seattle, they will face off against the Rams. Seattle are the clear underdogs, so they're hoping it the size of the fight that determines this one.