Shad Khan: Jaguars 'are the home team for London'

Jaguars owner Shad Khan is the newest owner of the Fulham Football Club, having purchased the London-based soccer club on Friday. One of the benefits of being a billionaire sports owner is the ease of travel involved, and Khan has already scooted across the pond to announce the purchase.

While waiting for the official Sunday announcement, he spoke with Fulham TV about the purchase of the club and his plans for the future. As you might imagine, there was some discussion of the Jaguars. Khan called the club a "civic asset" in the same vein as Fulham.

"I've always looked at the other association I have with the Jacksonville Jaguars is really they're a civic asset," Khan said. "I am the steward of that asset. And I feel very much the same thing here. We want to listen to the fans."

But he also called the Jags "the home team for London," noting the "commonality" between the Jaguars and Fulham.

"First of all, the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham operate as two entities," Khan said when asked about the similarities between American and European football. "Obviously, there would be some practices, some synergies we'd like to take advantage of. And the Jaguars will be playing one home game [here] for the next four years.

"So, we are the home team for London. So, there is some commonality there."

Personally, I think the Jags will stick in Jacksonville, but there are many folks who don't believe that. And Khan's purchase of Fulham -- a soccer club not located in Jacksonville -- has many folks believing the Jags could bounce for London.

It's certainly a possibility, though it seems less likely with Khan and Jacksonville pumping millions into Everbank Field. Calling Jacksonville a "home team" for London seems like a cause to get all up in arms about the way it's being referenced.

The reality is Jacksonville is the home team for London. They're playing overseas for several years in a row and Khan is trying to market them internationally. Building a brand relationship between Fulham and the Jaguars will only improve the international recognition of both his football teams.

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