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Sheriff's deputies entered the home of Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon in Hamilton County, Ohio early Tuesday morning in response to a "shots fired" call, according to Fox 19 in Cincinnati. No arrests were made. A juvenile was reportedly taken to the hospital with "minor injuries," though it's currently unclear on how he sustained them. 

Deputies responded to a shots fired report around 8:30 p.m. on Monday night, which led to crime scene tape being placed around the house, according to the report. Deputies were then reportedly seen knocking on Mixon's door, telling the owner of the home to come outside. A law enforcement officer then arrived with documents, leading deputies to eventually enter and search the house. The yellow crime scene tape was taken down at about 3:20 a.m. ET. 

WLWT News 5 in Cincinnati spoke with Mixon's sister Shelonda early Tuesday morning, and she reportedly said her brother wasn't involved in the shooting. The 26-year-old running back, who was the Bengals' second-round pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, had charges of aggravated menacing filed and dropped against him in early February. His future on the team is uncertain based on his current salary situation.

On March 1, Bengals Director of Player Personnel Duke Tobin quoted a character from the hit TV show "The Office"  when asked about Mixon's future with Cincinnati. 

"I'm not going to predict the offseason because I don't have the answers," Tobin said, via The Athletic. "In the words of the great Kevin Malone, 'I don't know.'"  

Mixon has two years to go on a four-year, $48 million extension he signed in 2020. He is projected to have a cap hit of $12,791,176 million for the 2023 season. The team could save around $7.3 million in cap space should he be released before June 1. However, Mixon could restructure his deal to continue with the Bengals. Cincinnati currently has the sixth-most cap space in the entire NFL.