Summer won't officially begin for a few more months, but the Summer of Gronk has officially arrived. After sorta crashing our John Breech's bachelor party in Nashville last week, Gronk headed down to Miami for an EDM event hosted by Shaquille O'Neal on Friday night.

It went as expected, at least at first. For one, Gronk danced. Then, he got shirtless in a hurry. Finally, Gronk engaged in a dance-off with Shaq, which you can watch in a video that contains explicit language (so consider yourself warned). 

And then ... things got weird. The night took an unexpected turn. It's not everyday you see a 6-foot-6 person jump on the shoulders of a 7-foot-1 person, but that's what happened when Gronk rode Shaq's shoulders. But Gronk didn't just sit there. He also danced, because of course he did.

This might just be peak Gronk:

Alternate view:

"I'm the king of the world!" Giphy

The season's been over for less than two months and Gronk is already on pace to smash the benchmark for summer fun that he established a few years back. Of course, there's also some talk that Gronk could retire early from the NFL and after seeing that video, it'd be tough to blame him. Gronk's endured countless injuries throughout his eight-year career, but he's already won championships, made a fair amount of money, and established himself as the most dominant tight end in NFL history. Furthermore, as that video above demonstrates, he has one of the most likable personalities in sports, which should help him cash in even when his playing career is over. 

But that's all talk for another day. For now, here's what we should focus on: For 15 seconds, Gronk sat on Shaq's shoulders and for those 15 seconds, Gronk really found out what it's like to be king of the world.