Should you add Dez Bryant to your fantasy football team? Plus more Week 10 fantasy football advice

The New Orleans Saints went out and shook everything up by signing veteran, free-agent wide receiver Dez Bryant to a one-year contract in the middle of the season, making a big mid-year splash that generated lots of headlines.

Are those headlines worth your attention in fantasy football? Should you add Dez Bryant to your fantasy team? Is he a difference maker? 

Well, maybe. 

He might not be what you're hoping for in terms of expectations, but to sort out whether or not you should add him, Senior Fantasy Analyst Heath Cummings hopped on the Pick Six Podcast -- it's daily, so SUBSCRIBE ALREADY, via iTunes | via Stitcher | via TuneIn | via Google Play -- to break down the Dez situation and all the other notable fantasy information from Week 10.

I also welcome on Kelly Stewart (aka @KellyInVegas) to talk about why she's going full dog with her SuperContest picks this week, including a selection of the BROWNS. 

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