Simms: Seahawks "surprise" on each end

Forget what you thought about Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks in the preseason. These birds are for real.  They clinched a playoff berth, haven’t lost at home, have won six of their last seven games and have a ROY candidate, Russell Wilson, slinging the ball for them each play.

Still not a believer?

Well how about Wilson, a third-round pick has more touchdown passes (25) than his first-round pick, freshmen counterparts Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Wilson’s play alongside Carroll’s coaching has made the Seahawks a postseason threat.

“This football team is good all over,” Phil Simms said on NFL Monday QB. “You would have a hard time telling me they have a weakness. Every single week they come out with something that catches the defense by surprise.”

If anyone knows just how surprising the Seahawks are, it’s their latest victim the San Francisco 49ers.

Plays from Sunday’s matchup, like when Marshawn Lynch (26 carries for 111 yards, 1 TD) scored a touchdown less than 90 seconds into the game demonstrated just how dangerous this team is.

Wilson threw for 4 touchdowns in the 42-13 rout.

Conversely, while Wilson, Lynch and the offense make the headlines Seattle’s 4th ranked defense (304 ypg) ain’t too shabby either.

On Sunday, cornerback Richard Sherman converted a FG block into a 90-yard return against a poised 49ers team.

“[Sherman] is having a pro bowl year on the back end of that defense.” Rich Gannon said. “They attack you. They are aggressive. They are playing with confidence on the back end. Seattle defensively gets your attention as well.”

A team as well rounded, as the Seahawks should be busy past the first round of the playoffs. Dare I say, they should even prepare for a trip to New Orleans?

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