So did Justin Tucker's epic field goal really matter for his fantasy owners?

Justin Tucker said he thinks he could hit a field goal from 70 yards out in a game. (USATSI)
Justin Tucker has connected on 94.6 percent of his field goals this season. (USATSI)

I've always had a thing for starting a kicker who plays on Monday night. It affords, typically, a false sense of a safety net in the twisted world of fantasy football. That if things get hairy, well, there's always the chance your kicker can bail you out with some fireworks. 


Last Monday was one of those instances.


That's why I bring you this trivial piece of information mined from my inbox late on a Saturday night: 27 percent of teams that won with <player idref=er on won because of Justin Tucker.


Let's quickly unpack that.


So for teams still alive in fantasy football, and with Justin Tucker, there was better than a one-in-four chance his 61-yard field goal Monday night didn't just give the Ravens a huge win over the Lions, it gave you, fantasy savant, a playoff-advancing win as well.


Personally speaking, one of my leagues was part of the 27 percent. The Tucker owner squeeked by with a .7 win because of the kicker's heroics. 


So with fantasy titles on the line this week it may behoove you to take a chance on Matt Bryant or Phil Dawson this week. Just saying. 

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