Social media explodes for 56,000 comments per minute during Packers-Seahawks finale

Twitter works kind of like a heartbeat. It's slow at night, takes a while to wake up, and absolutely explodes during crazy moments. One of those crazy moments came Monday night during the final play of the Seahawks-Packers game that featured more than a bit of ref-caused craziness.

I remember trying to tweet about the end of the game, but really it was pointless. (Besides, everyone was just re-tweeting members of the Green Bay offensive line.) As the refs tried to figure out whether M.D. Jennings or Golden Tate caught the ball, my timeline was flooded and anything I said was lost in the maw.

The folks at Bluefin Labs broke down the social-media stats and they're mind-blowing: 50,263 social media comments per minute (these include public tweets and public Facebook posts) at the end of the Packers-Seahawks game were sent. A good measuring stick? The 25,415 comments/minute that were sent when Usain Bolt won the 100 meters in London during the Summer Olympics.

Take a look from last night:

Per Bluefin, the amount of peak comments per minute blew away Mitt Romney's speech (17,458 per minute) at the Republican National Convention and are just about equal with the comments during Barack Obama's speech (52,988 per minute) at the Democratic National Convention.

There were 1.9 million comments in total on Monday night's game and -- surprise, surprise! -- 23 percent of all those comments were related to the refs.

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