There are myriad issues surrounding the unemployment of Colin Kaepernick and people like to get mad online about them on a frequent basis. But what if his interest in getting a football-playing job has waned as he has found other things that he's passionate about doing?

There are apparently some people with Kaepernick's old team who think that the quarterback might enjoy other pursuits more. In his MMQB for Monday, Peter King broke down a contrasting group of quarterbacks, including the unemployed Kaepernick.

And King, who spent draft weekend embedded in the 49ers war room, said there are folks in the building in Santa Clara who are under the impression that their former quarterback might prefer just doing philanthropy/social activism to playing football.

So Kaepernick has bought a place in downtown Manhattan and lives in the big city fairly anonymously. I spent a long draft weekend with the Niners in California, and there are those in the building who think Kaepernick might actually rather do social justice work full-time than play quarterback. He emerges in New York City occasionally for noble cause work, last week donating 100 men's suits to a parole office in Queens, so recipients, recently out of prison, would look more presentable when going on job interviews. 

The suit situation King is referring to drew plenty of attention once Kap's actions went viral on social media. He's not doing it for attention, but people are still going to take notice when a former Super Bowl-starting quarterback is giving suits to parolees.

Kaepernick has also helped to provide food and water for the people of Somalia, donated a huge sneaker collection to charity and gave Meals on Wheels a $50,000 donation

All of these acts are part of Kaepernick's decision to donate $1 million to communities in need of help. And that decision stemmed out of Kaepernick deciding to kneel/sit for the national anthem during the 2016 season, a silent protest against issues he sees in America.

There was plenty of ... reaction to his actions, both positive and negative. President Donald Trump has gotten involved in throwing some barbs at Kaepernick, and it has happened on multiple occasions

Kaepernick has said he plans to stand for the national anthem in 2017 if he ends up on a team, but maybe he doesn't end up playing because he's more interested in doing other things with his time.