The South can be a weird place sometimes. For example, there is a bar in Greenville, South Carolina, one which presumably makes its money off of people eating and drinking during sporting events, that will cease to show NFL games moving forward until the players involved stand for the national anthem.

Players began to demonstrate and protest during Week 3 games following comments by President Donald Trump saying any player that does not stand for the national anthem should be fired. 

After nearly every team engaged in some sort of demonstration, the owner of Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House in Greenville took to Facebook and wrote that he would stop showing NFL games

"No NFL games will be played at Palmetto Ale House until every player stands in respect to our flag and our country," owner David McCraw wrote on the restaurant's Facebook page. "This is a position that I'm going to take and I hope you will support me." 

McCraw has, unsurprisingly, received plenty of feedback on his decision, both positive and negative. Some customers, according to a report on WSPA 7 News, showed up to the restaurant just to eat and support McCraw's decision. Other customers declared on the newscast they would not longer be visiting the establishment.

"Where my issue is, is the dissemination of the message," McCraw told WSPA. "I support the players to the point where they take the knee. When they take the knee, it's total disrespect to our flag, to our country, and in my opinion it's too far."

Go read the Facebook page for Palmetto and you will quickly see how this could be a tricky situation for publishing anything on social media in 2017. McCraw has posted a number of photos depicting a featured meal of the day and the comments below the photo are ... less than savory. He has also continued to post links promoting players standing and pointed out that the Dallas Cowboys, who kneeled before the national anthem but then stood up for the song, got it right.

There's no change in my position. Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House will not be showing NFL games until the NFL rids...

Posted by Palmetto Restaurant and Ale House on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Here's the beauty of all this: McCraw owns a business and can do whatever he wants in terms of showing NFL games or not showing NFL games. You know why? Because it's a free country. He can't openly discriminate against anyone -- there are laws against that, thank goodness, but if he doesn't want to show NFL games that's his right.

Unfortunately it is also the right of NFL players to take knees while listening to the national anthem. That probably won't change regardless of how many lawmakers try to make it happen

Hopefully McCraw does not depend on too much Sunday afternoon business, because he might very well be in this for the long haul.