People talk about the Steelers being a good organization that does things the right way. It has never been more true than now, with news Thursday about Pittsburgh doing right by former first-round pick and injured linebacker Ryan Shazier.

The Steelers, according to Field Yates of ESPN, converted Shazier's base salary into a signing bonus, which means the linebacker, who has been ruled out for the 2018 season, will get a substantial cash payday.

Yates is 100 percent right: This is a great move by the Steelers. Often in the NFL, you see teams that fight tooth and nail to try and get money back from injured players, or to not pay out money in a timely fashion. Injury disagreements relating to contracts are a way of life in any business, but they can get personal in the NFL.

Shazier suffered a nasty-looking injury making a fairly routine tackle against the Bengals last year during a critical Monday night game. Shazier would be taken immediately to the hospital, and had spinal stabilization surgery over the course of the next few days. The way the Steelers handled the injury in real time made it very clear just how serious the situation was. And Shazier's season would be over within a week, with football becoming secondary in terms of importance for the young man. 

Walking was the big thing here -- Shazier was shown frequently in the Steelers owners' box, attending games and inspiring his teammates, who dedicated the rest of the season to their fallen comrade.

Most recently, Shazier provided a touching and inspiring moment when he walked across the stage at the 2018 NFL Draft to announce Pittsburgh's first-round pick.