When the Pittsburgh Steelers signed Ladarius Green to a four-year, $20 million contract to replace the departed Heath Miller last offseason, he was expected to kick their passing game into a new gear by stretching the field both vertically and horizontally. 

Things didn’t exactly work out for Green, who sustained an injury during the offseason and sat out all but six games. He caught a total of 18 passes for 304 yards and a touchdown on only 34 targets. He played only 140 snaps, fourth on the team among tight ends, and he was injured again (with a concussion) by the time the playoffs rolled around. 

He’s still got three years to go on that contract, though, and the Steelers expect to have him back for at least one more of those three seasons. 

“We don’t play until August, so he’s got time to heal properly,” Colbert said, per the Beaver County Times.  “In any concussion, the one thing we do know is that you have to give it time to properly heal before you re-enter into competition. And that’s where he is. He’s entering the offseason. He’s excited about being able to come back and being able to play. And we’ll see where he is when he gets back in the program in March or April, whenever he comes back here.”

The Steelers could potentially save $2,625,000 against the cap by cutting Green this offseason, but it appears they’re going to give things another go. He still has the same skill set they thought they were getting last offseason; he just needs to stay healthy.