The Pittsburgh Steelers had incredibly high hopes for this season -- Super Bowl aspirations, even. However, Le'Veon Bell sat out the entire season after the team gave him the franchise tag, and the Steelers sputtered to a 9-6-1 record, falling short of the playoffs due to a late surge by the Ravens. This week, Antonio Brown reportedly had an outburst in which he wondered why he hadn't been traded.

Earlier this season, Brown tweeted "trade me and let's find out" in response to a former Steelers PR staff member who was critical of his importance to the team. Some people have even followed the time-honored NBA tradition of checking who Brown follows on social media, and it looks like an awful lot of 49ers.

Steelers tight end Jesse James talked on Monday about the drama surrounding the team.

"Ah man, we are — Kardashians. We have, I mean, we're something," James said, per Penn Live. "It's Le'Veon Bell issues, you have more stuff popping up weekly, Jeremy Fowler's reporting stuff about Le'Veon every other week. There's just people calling people out. We were in the front of the ticker on ESPN too much for just reasons that weren't related to football and not for us playing great ball. It was more distractions."

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It doesn't look like those distractions are going to stop any time soon. Brown is under contract with the Steelers until 2022, and they don't actually have an incentive to trade him. He's one of the best receivers in the NFL, but after the Bell fiasco this is the last thing the Steelers needed to ring in 2019.