Ryan Shazier suffered a serious spinal injury in the Steelers' Week 13 game against the Bengals, ending his season and leaving serious doubts about his football future. But in his first interview since the injury, the linebacker told teammate Roosevelt Nix that not only does he plan to play again but his goals of making into Canton haven't changed either.

"I've gotta get back, bro," Shazier told Nix during an appearance on Nix's podcast. "Every day, bro. Every day I'm like -- right now, I'm reading a book and it's basically saying trust the process, bro. I'm really trusting the process and I know the end goal. I'm taking it every step of the way but I'm like, I'm giving it like my football effort, like 1,000, everything I've got.

"The therapists, they'll be like 'man, this is crazy," Shazier continued. "I'm happy to be working with an athlete because I've never seen somebody work this hard.' They see progression almost every day. They say some progression they see week to week, they see from me day to day. I've got to get it. I'm really trying to come back and still be a Pro Bowler, still be an All-Pro."

Despite the setback, Shazier remains laser-focused on a goal he's had since college.

"I'm still reaching for that Hall of Famer," Shazier said. "I really feel like I'm the best linebacker ever. I've just got to get back out there so everybody can see it," Shazier said.

Whatever the future holds for Shazier, football player, he will remain involved with the Steelers.

"[H]e's here on a daily basis," general manager Kevin Colbert said in a statement last week. He does some physical workouts in the morning. He either sits in with the coaches or he'll sit in with us. He's learning some personnel stuff just to keep him involved with us and then he goes and does his rehab at a rehab facility. But the great thing about it is Ryan does as much as we do for him because the way he works at this and the attitude that he has shown and his rehabilitation, it's really uplifting. Never once has he said, why me. And I know that is an uplifting gesture for us and those that deal with him because he shows us that everyone has problems but he's going to work to overcome his as we should ours."