Steelers veterans deem ping-pong tables off-limits for youngsters

Don’t worry, Mike Tomlin. Your team’s problems are about to be solved. (USATSI)
Don’t worry, Mike Tomlin. Your team’s problems are about to be solved. (USATSI)

The Steelers are 0-2 and have a myriad of problems with their offensive line and with a running game that isn’t taking any pressure off quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

Luckily the team had a veterans-only meeting this week, and what has emerged from that get-together should make all the difference as Pittsburgh moves forward.

If you’ve got less than four years of experience in the league, you can’t play ping-pong or pool in the Steelers locker room during business hours any more.

Yes, that’s reportedly a real thing, according to KDKA’s Jory Rand. Rand noticed signs around the Steelers locker room Thursday, announcing the change. But he couldn’t get many Pittsburgh veterans to talk about it.

Later, Rand reports, those signs were taken down. But you can’t just erase something like that from your mind.

Said Redman: "Young guys can't play pool, ping pong or shuffleboard. Sucks to be a young guy, I guess. … "We need to win a football game here before guys are coming in worrying about who’s first on the pool table. So that eliminates that."

And clearly, this will save the season that so far is spiraling out of control.

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