Steve Smith compares Ravens loss to Patriots to a bad sandwich

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. had an interesting analogy for his team's Week 14 loss to the New England Patriots.

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"It's like getting a terrible sandwich," Smith said of the 30-23 loss. "You bite into it, it's still terrible. But you give the person who made the sandwich kudos. It was a good attempt, just a terrible sandwich."

With three regular season games remaining, the Ravens are 7-6, and they no longer sit atop the AFC North; a position now occupied by the Pittsburgh Steelers (8-5). In fact, following their loss to the Patriots, the Ravens fell all the way down to eighth in the AFC playoff picture.

Smith apparently had food on his mind on Monday night, as he then compared the Ravens' situation following the loss to another type of food.

"I was hoping we could play this game and also beat them and then, you know, icing on the cake," Smith said. "Now, we just have fish sticks, which is a terrible dinner. Garbage."

In order to secure a spot in the playoffs at this point, the Ravens will now likely need to win the rest of their remaining games. The Ravens three remaining regular season contests come at home against Philadelphia, and then on the road in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

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