When Steve Smith left football he did so as a member of the Ravens, because Baltimore was the team he played for last. There were also still some hurt feelings with the Panthers based on Smith's departure from Charlotte.

And it appears those feelings are still lingering, because the NFL Network analyst said on the "Rich Eisen Show" on Tuesday that it's "not on my radar" to retire as a member of the Panthers right now.

"The IRS says I live in Charlotte, I'm a resident of Charlotte, I have some business, I have a foundation in Charlotte, I continue to live in and contribute to that community, but as of today, June 27 at this time, I'm retired," Smith said. "Steve Smith, I work for NFL Network, and it's really not on my radar as of today. If it comes about in due process, in due time, I'll think about it. Right now, I'm YOLO."

That sounds a lot like "I love Charlotte, I would like to retire as a member of the Panthers but there are still open wounds." Maybe not. Smith paid tribute to his former Panthers teammates in his final game via his cleats. It remains a weird dynamic that largely appears to be an issue between Smith and general manager Dave Gettleman with the way things went down when Smith was released in 2014.

Time heals all wounds, so it might simply be a matter of waiting things out. Waiting won't do Smith any good when it comes to returning to football (Smith previously said the Jets contacted him this offseason about playing in 2017), if that was something he wanted to do. The wideout revealed that he would be suspended if he came back to play because he skipped a trio of drug tests.

Explaining why he retired as a Raven, Smith said that was "the team I was with" and also that he wanted to just get it over with to make his family happy. Plus, he was getting peppered with drug tests.

"I was subject to still being under the NFL policy of anything happening also had had three spontaneous PED testings. And I just didn't want to deal with it. So they said the only way to have to deal with all this stuff, I had to submit some kind of paperwork," Smith said. "I literally for a month and a half had to call these guys and say 'I'm not coming back.' They said 'If you want to come back, you have to take these drug tests.' And not drug tests like, oh, I'm doing drugs, but mainly saying to continue to play to show teams that I'm interested. So I submitted my paperwork and said, look, I'm done. I have no desire to play. 

"On record right now I have three drug tests I have failed to appear for, and so actually if I tried to reinstate and play, I would be suspended."

Apparently Smith's initial foray into retirement went a little differently than that of former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (also contacted by the Jets!), who revealed he had no idea that there was even paperwork needed for retirement. Is Cutler getting drug tests bombed at him too? Or is it just Smith because he was playing at such a high level at such a late age?

That's a question worth asking if you're Smith and remain annoyed about the whole thing. But at this point he might just be ignoring all the news that relates to the Ravens and Panthers and just channeling all his anger passion into being a great NFL analyst. It's working pretty well so far.