Study: Packers have best fans in NFL, Broncos fans rank No. 2

Apparently Green Bay has the best fans in the NFL. (USATSI)
Apparently Green Bay has the best fans in the NFL. (USATSI)

The Seattle Seahawks might have the loudest fans in the NFL, but they don't have the best fans, that honor belongs to the Green Bay Packers -- at least according to a study done by Forbes

The study ranked the top-10 NFL fan bases using five different criteria, including: hometown reach, television audience rank, stadium attendance, social media rank and merchandise rank. 

The social media rank was partly based on the fact that Green Bay has more Twitter followers (703,000) than there are people in the actual city of Green Bay (Just over 300,000). The television ranking was based on Nielsen ratings over the past three years. 

The 'hometown reach' metric is 'defined by Nielsen Scarborough as a percentage of the metropolitan area population that watched, attended, and/or listened to a game in the last year.' The Packers ranked No. 1 in that, social media and stadium attendance.

Packers fans also only like to date each other because that's the only explanation for the Packers fan dating site that someone created back in April. That did not weigh into the ranking as far as I know. 

Forbes only ranked the top-10 fan bases, so there's no way to know if the Jaguars are No. 11 or 32. The AFC and NFC North cleaned up in these rankings, taking four of the 10 spots. 

Top-10 NFL Fan Bases

1. Green Bay Packers

2. Denver Broncos

3. New Orleans Saints

4. New England Patriots

5. Baltimore Ravens

6. Indianapolis Colts

T-7. Dallas Cowboys

T-7. Pittsburgh Steelers

9. Seattle Seahawks 

10. Chicago Bears

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