Super Bowl 2014: Private planes facing traffic jams

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Having a private jet is probably awesome. You can fly anywhere, anytime without the annoyances that come with commercial air travel.

Except when it comes to the Super Bowl.

With so many private jets expected to utilize Teterboro Airport, located about 2 miles north of MetLife Stadium, even the uber-wealthy can expect to be logistically limited.

"You can't just fly 300 planes out right after the game," said Port Authority spokesman Ron Marsico to CNN Money.

With 1,200 private jets expected at an airport that handles 400 takeoffs and landings per day, the math simply doesn't work. Here's how CNN Money explains the situation:

"To handle the overflow, Port Authority officials expect many jets to do 'stop-and-go' operations -- landing, dropping off wealthy passengers and then flying to another airport to wait out the game. The agency also hired a temporary 'ramp coordinator' to work with companies based at the airport to make sure flights don't bunch up."

Or put another way:

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