Super Bowl 2016 commercials: Death Wish Coffee Co. wins Intuit's contest

Death Wish Coffee Company will have a commercial in this year's Super Bowl. (YouTube)

Every year, Intuit buys a 30-second Super Bowl ad slot and runs a contest where it gives away that spot to a small business. Intuit's business is developing financial and tax preparation software for small businesses, accountants, and individuals, so the contest makes a good deal of sense.

This year's winner, chosen from a group of three finalists, was Death Wish Coffee Company. Here's their ad, produced by RPA:

I dig it. First of all, coffee is the lifeblood that drives the dreams of champions. Second of all, "Death Wish Coffee" is an extremely memorable name. Third of all, it sort of looks like this guy is drinking half the cast of Game of Thrones.

And finally, "Death Wish Coffee: Fiercely Caffeinated" is a pretty decent slogan, too. The idea is supposed to be that the coffee is really strong, and it definitely gets that point across.

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