MINNEAPOLIS -- Breaking news, everyone. No one knows what a catch is.

On the biggest stage, the NFL ran into a problem with its most difficult rule again, this time as Eagles running back Corey Clement caught an absolute dime from Nick Foles in the end zone that was initially ruled a touchdown for the Eagles. 

On the play, Clement clearly got two feet down, and "survived the ground," but he appeared to bobble the ball after his first foot was down and then did not get a second foot in after the apparent bobble.

In real time it clearly looked like a catch, even if some Patriots defenders were signaling it was incomplete. But once the play was slowed down, it sure felt like the refs would ultimately decide it was incomplete, because that's exactly what NFL refs have been doing all season in situations like this. 

Everyone was very confused and mostly annoyed.

This even included former NFL wideout and current NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth, who, like the rest of us, just wants to give up.

Eagles fans are probably excited about getting the touchdown, but even if you're pumped about it being ruled a score, it's still incredibly frustrating to have an important play like that be totally up in the air when watching on replay.

It's fine if that is considered a catch, but it hasn't been a catch all year, and suddenly the NFL is changing its mind midstream on the biggest possible stage.

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