Super Bowl 2019 prop bets results: Gladys Knight causes national anthem over/under controversy, defense steals show

The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 for their sixth Super Bowl title on Sunday, and Tom Brady/Bill Belichick solidified their status as one of the best quarterback/coach combos ever. Throughout the game, there were hundreds of props to look out for. From Gladys Knight's national anthem length to coin toss results, there are tons of things fans could bet on, and we're keeping track out how they all play out.

While there are tons of football-related bets to make, it's the ones that people have no control over that tend to be the most interesting. At CBS Sports, we prepared fans for the best bets to make all week.

Knight caused some controversy with her national anthem. Most books close the anthem after the first "brave," is sung. Knight, however, sung the word twice, causing books to end up paying out the under even though her anthem technically went on for longer than two minutes.

Here's a look at how some of the prop bets have gone so far, and to see how we did you can see our picks sheet here.

Gladys Knight national anthem length

We had an early easy pick before the game with Gladys Knight's national anthem. Knight continued the trend of the national anthem being sung in over 1 minute 45 seconds by going on for an unofficial time of 2 minutes, 1 second. Bovada set Knight's over/under at 1:49, with the over being -190 odds and the under being +145. Knight did not defy the odds, really stretching the last few notes of the song.

With that being said, Knight may have stretched the final notes too long. After a pause after the first "brave," Knight collected herself and sung it again. While some books are paying out both sides, most have adhered to their normal rules and stopped the anthem after the first brave, paying out the under instead.


Coin toss result

The Super Bowl, of course, uses a commemorative coin for the ceremonial coin toss before the game. The Patriots, as the visiting team, called heads. The result was tails, giving the Rams first pick to kick. Both were set at -105, according to Bovada.

Result: TAILS

Will the game be tied after 0-0?

Well, this game was tied at 0-0 for an awfully long time, but nevertheless when the Patriots went ahead 3-0 in the second it wouldn't be forever. There were three points scored at the half, but the Rams did manage to put three on the board in the third. Both of these were set at -110, but the Rams did manage to battle back before the Patriots went ahead for good, even if "battling back" was putting a 52-yarder through the uprights.

Result: YES

Who will throw a touchdown first?

Hey, this is fun. Nobody! Tom Brady and Jared Goff both failed to have a passing touchdown, with Brady coming up just short on a pass to Rob Gronkowski (which was punched in by Sony Michel immediately after) and Goff having two chances to Brandin Cooks, with neither one ending in six. There was one touchdown scored in this game, with defenses showing out. Props had these two at -110.

Result: PUSH

What's the jersey number of the first player to score a TD? (Over/under 27.5)

Again, Sony Michel was the ONLY player to score a TD, and he's No. 26. Dave Richard was all over this one for CBS Sports, saying that even though the over had players like Todd Gurley and James White, Michel spearheaded the saturated list of candidates to score with the under. This one paid out well at +120, significantly better than the -140 odds you got with the over.

Result: UNDER 27.5

How many songs will be played during the half-time show? (Over/under 7.5)

Maroon 5, Big Boi and Travis Scott cut this one close. They played eight songs, and you can see the full list in our recap here. While we didn't get "Sweet Victory," Maroon 5's set list was surprisingly Songs About Jane-heavy, even opening with "Harder to Breathe." All things told, they played eight songs. The over paid out at -130, whereas the under was -110.

Result: OVER 7.5

Will Rob Gronkowski score a touchdown?

He was so, so close. Gronkowski got down to the 2-yard line on a beautiful deep ball by Brady, and finished with 87 yards and no touchdowns on Sunday.

Result: NO

Will Johnny Hekker throw a pass?

Had the Rams won this game, there's a nonzero chance Hekker would have earned an MVP nod. However, no fakes from L.A. special teams coordinator John Fassel on Sunday. It was tight all the way through, and the moment was never right for a fake, so all punts for Johnny on Sunday.

Result: NO

Which team will have the last scoring play?

The Rams almost pulled off the upset on this one, with Greg Zuerlein missing a field goal right at the end of the game that would have booted the Pats. However, New England ultimately scored 10 unanswered points to end the game, more than enough to win. The Rams had planned to kick a field goal before kicking an onside kick, but Zuerlein's miss killed any slim hopes they may have had.


Who will win MVP?

Brady hardly lit it up on Sunday. He threw for 262 yards and a pick (which came on his first pass of the game). Julian Edelman, instead, swooped in and won the award with +3,000 odds. Edelman cemented his playoff legacy with 141 yards on 10 catches, and the Rams simply had no answer for him. There weren't a lot of overwhelming stat lines in this game, but Edelman held one of them.


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