Super Bowl 2019: Unnamed bettor reportedly loses at least $3.8 million after Patriots win over Rams

An unnamed gambler who reportedly went on an red--hot run from the 2017 World Series to the 2018 Super Bowl -- according to ESPN -- isn't finding himself as lucky in 2019. The customer reportedly known as "Bettor X" put down three hefty bets for the Rams' money line to win Super Bowl LIII that totaled at least $3.8 million. At plus-120, the bettor would have netted $4.56 million.

However, it wasn't to be. The Rams, of course, lost to the Patriots 13-3 on Sunday, giving Tom Brady his sixth Super Bowl and giving Mr. X a very substantial loss.

A $2 million bet was made on Thursday, followed by $1.5 million and $300,000 bets made on Friday at MGM and South Point in Las Vegas.

A ton of money was placed on New England, with fans valuing experience. It paid off. Bill Belichick and his defense were dominant to the point that the Rams' Sean McVay admitted he was "out-coached," and the Patriots continued to build upon their already unbelievable dynasty.

The Patriots closed as 2.5 point favorites. The Rams barely made an over of 2.5 points when the game was said and done.

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