Andy Reid needed 21 years to finally earn that coveted Super Bowl title, reaching the pinnacle of the NFL in his seventh season with the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid set a NFL record in clinching a championship with his 222nd victory, breaking the mark for most wins before a Super Bowl title previously held by Hall of Fame head coach Bill Cowher. 

Now that Reid has finally won a Super Bowl, what's left to accomplish? There's still motivation to keep coaching for the 61-year old Reid, who doesn't plan on hanging up his headset any time soon. 

"I've got this young quarterback over here that makes life easy," Reid said after the Super Bowl win, referring to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. "You get one, you want to go get another one. But we've got to backpedal for about a minute and enjoy this one and (then) we'll get busy on the next one."

Getting just one Super Bowl win isn't enough for Reid, who clearly enjoys what he does and still performs his job at a high level. The Chiefs are 77-35 in the seven seasons Reid has been the head coach, winning 12-plus games three times, four AFC West championships and a Super Bowl title. 

Reid has complied a 207-128-1 regular season record in 21 seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles and Chiefs, going 15-14 in the postseason for a 222-142-1 overall record (.608 winning percentage). Reid has 14 winning seasons in his career and just three where his teams finished under .500. He has won 10 division championships and won a playoff game in 10 different seasons. He has advanced to seven conference championship games and finally won the Super Bowl on his second attempt, 15 seasons after reaching the Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2005 (the second longest gap between Super Bowls for a head coach in league history).

Reid's 207 regular season wins are seventh in NFL history, just six behind Paul Brown for sixth. Reid is only 43 wins away from reaching 250 for his career, which he would be only the fifth head coach to accomplish the feat. 

Oh and he has Mahomes, who has already accomplished plenty in his career at the age of 24

There's no reason for Reid to retire now, not with Mahomes set to be his franchise quarterback for the next 10 to 15 seasons. If anything, Reid finally has the dominant quarterback he's waited 20 years to groom into the league's best. 

Mahomes is only getting started. 

"I believe in maximizing (my talent) every single day," Mahomes said. "Obviously I've had a good start to my career. I've been blessed to be in a great organization with a lot of great players around me that make my job easier. But I know it's gonna take a long time of consistency if I wanna be where I wanna be in the end. 

"I'm lucky enough that I have a lot of great people around me that I have a chance to go out there every single year and compete."

There's no reason for Reid to give up a job he loves.