The championship parade for the Kansas City Chiefs was everything you could've predicted and more, considering the team's victory in Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers ended a five-decade drought for the franchise. So when you saw fans climbing trees while losing their pants and a full-on police chase after a car broke through the parade barricade on Wednesday, it was as surprising as it wasn't actually at all. And when tight end Travis Kelce took the podium wearing a three-quarter length Louis Vuitton coat, a custom WWE championship belt and -- to his own admission -- "most of the beer he was trying to drink," you knew the party was just getting started.

Kelce began by praising head coach Andy Reid, who took home his first-ever Lombardi trophy as a head coach after 21 years of trying.

"Twenty-one years," Kelce said. "You know what that means? Everybody here's like, 'That's when I can legally get a drink.' -- no, 21 years is how long it's just been turning for my guy Andy Reid. It's just been turning, and turning, and turning. And what'd we do?! 

"We unleashed a can of whoop a-- on everybody!! 24 to nothing? I'm not trying to hear it! Down 10? I'm not trying to hear it! Fourth quarter, six and whatever left on the clock. 

"Down 10?? [scoffs]. We got Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, baby!"

Despite all of the aforementioned that took place at the parade, it seemingly wouldn't have been Chiefs celebration without a parting shot to former Kansas City pass rusher Dee Ford, who is infamous for his neutral zone infraction against the New England Patriots in last year's AFC Championship that negated what might've been a game-sealing interception by cornerback Charvarius Ward. The task of shading Ford this offseason was mostly handled by Frank Clark, the defensive end the Chiefs traded for after shipping Ford out of town last offseason.

This time, it was waved in the air like a banner by Kelce, reminding everyone not only of where the team stands right now -- namely, on top of the entire NFL -- but just how close they were to doing so in 2018 as well.

"How about my dog, 5-5, and he ain't offsides, m---------ing Frank Clark," Kelce screamed.

From Kelce's shot at Ford to Clark's jabs at Jimmy Garoppolo, the Chiefs are taking no prisoners. 

Whether you agree with the tactics or not, you can't truly fault them for letting it all hang out after landing the city's first Lombardi in half a century and being the team to finally get a future Hall of Famer in Reid over the hump. Kelce noted after the Super Bowl the 2019 team and Reid are now forever "married" because they "got him the ring," and he's completely right. He's also not wrong about Ford and the penalty, for what it's worth -- something even Ford admits was "inexcusable."

Water under the bridge, though? Not in Kansas City. Not now, and probably not ever.