Super Bowl 2020 odds: Lines for each potential matchup between Chiefs, 49ers, Packers and Titans

There are only three games left in the 2020 NFL postseason, and by the end of the last we'll know which team will get to call itself Super Bowl championship for the next 12 months. By the end of Sunday, we'll know which two teams will be battling for that honor in Super Bowl LIV.

With the playoff field narrowed down to four teams, there are only four possible Super Bowl matchups that can take place on Sunday, Feb. 2 in Miami. On the AFC side, the Titans will face the Chiefs in Kansas City for one spot in the Super Bowl, while the Packers and 49ers will battle in Santa Clara for the other spot after the first game concludes on Sunday.

Sportsbooks are already allowing bettors to get money down on each side of the four potential Super Bowl matchups, releasing lines for each after the matchups were locked in. Anyone who bets on a potential matchup that doesn't actually happen will get their money back, while bettors who lock in their bets now on the matchup that does happen will be hoping to land a favorable line when compared to the actual betting line that will be released after Sunday's games have concluded.

Here are the opening lines for each potential Super Bowl matchup, as well as where each line sits as of Saturday afternoon, via Westgate.

Super Bowl LIV potential lines

49ers vs. ChiefsChiefs -1Chiefs -1
49ers vs. Titans49ers -449ers -4.5
Packers vs. ChiefsChiefs -4.5Chiefs -4.5
Packers vs. TitansPackers -1Packers -1.5

After the market seemed to boost the 49ers a bit early in the week, the team values appear to be back where they started on the NFC side. In the AFC, the Titans are still getting a half-point downgrade from the market when compared to the opening numbers.

Do any of these scenarios offer value? I would argue that if the Titans can add the Chiefs to their bucket of upsets on Sunday, they would get much more respect than is shown in these lookahead lines. My current power ratings would make them four-point 'dogs against the 49ers and one-point favorites against the Packers, but beating the Chiefs would certainly cause a rise in their number.

I would expect a 49ers-Titans Super Bowl to hover around 49ers -3.5 with a better shot of closing at -3 than -4. I could see the Packers, a super-public side as casual bettors love to back the team, being short favorites but the sportsbooks being comfortable with "taking a position" and knowing they'll be overexposed to Packers money but have their odds with the better team.

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