Arguably the most interesting Super Bowl prop bet, and there is plenty of competition on that front, is placing money on the color of the Gatorade bath the winning coach will receive at the end of the game. One would think it's a case of chance as to what color spills out of the cooler, but according to a report from The Athletic, Gatorade actually kind of has a hand in deciding what gets put in there.

This was apparently so much of a big secret that the source in question, a former Gatorade executive, requested to stay anonymous about the whole thing. Here's more from the report.

And not only that, but it's "intentionally randomized" to keep people guessing.

An actual effort is made to keep the color a secret, as there are up to three coolers "with different flavors" lined up for the players to grab to dump on their coach.

"Nobody can actually tell you what flavor it'll be," the former exec says. "The best guess they could give you is the two or three options."

The exec was slightly vague with how much of a hand Gatorade has in the choice, as they said "up to three coolers" are picked to put on the sideline. That leaves the door open for the possibility of one or two being chosen. From there -- in the case there is more than one cooler on the sideline -- happenstance takes over as players pick what cooler to dump on their coach.

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As of right now, these are the William Hill Sportsbook odds for the Gatorade bath colors:

  • Orange +100
  • Red/Pink +250
  • Yellow/Green/Lime +400
  • Clear/Water +500
  • Blue +800
  • Purple +850

If it's any help at all, last year's shower was an orange one, so consider that when placing your money.