The Super Bowl LV matchup is set, and we have Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers going up against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. It's a showdown against two of the best in the league, the old GOAT vs. the baby GOAT.

Brady, 43, is looking for his seventh ring, which would give him more championships than any franchise. He is entering his tenth Super Bowl and, despite having a new team that was at one point struggling to stay in playoff contention, he delivered on his goal to get them to the Super Bowl in his first year with the team. And a home Super Bowl at that.

Cut to baby GOAT, 25-year-old Patrick Mahomes, who is looking to go back-to-back and win a second Super Bowl. He already has more Super Bowl appearances than some of the greats and is proving early on in his career that he is more than the real deal. His explosive offense, quick thinking and impressive throws make it difficult to count him out in any situation.

While we could talk about the big game in an analytical way, we have a more accurate way to determine who will be holding the Lombardi trophy come February 7.

An actual Goat.

CBS Sports decided to get the greatest analyst out there, a little goat, to give their pick ahead of Super Bowl LV. Take a look at this very serious selection:

The goat emphatically ran towards the station with Mahomes' face, giving us the Chiefs as the Super Bowl champions. Feel free to throw all other betting tips and tricks out the window, we have the sure winner thanks to an actual goat.